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Let children spread their wings of imagination.
Add some glitter to their young minds full of creativity.

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DIY lovers want it and artists love it.
The smooth and beautiful lines add extra beauty to their excellent piece.

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Product Features

Unique Outline Design

It is the secret of turning simple lines and shapes into sublime pictures. The shiny metallic color selection allows you to create unique designs and fonts in no time.

Non-toxic & Safe

Marker Pen for Highlight have high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. No need to worry about skipping, smearing or fading!

Ergonomically shaped

Easy to hold and it’s comfortable in the hand. Latex-free grip for writing comfort and control. This is made with a bigger compartment for ink storage! It then offers a better supply of ink compared to other brands!

Widely applied

You can not only paint and write on conventional paper, but also on glass, acrylic and other surfaces - these are real all-rounders! This is the best choice for every artist out there, both beginners and professionals.